Accurate, Timely and Personalized
Auditing and Tax Solution for your business

Welcome to AM Audit Group


Am Audit has had over 20-years of experience in auditing and taxation. Located in Thailand, the firm manages over 25 employees who have practiced real implementation with various types of businesses. Our client base includes Thai and multinational companies, ranges from service to trading, as well as non-profit institutions. The team involves in both short-term and long-term accounting and taxation projects.


Registered at the Ministry of Commerce under Thai laws, AM Audit Group has been administered under the new generation management team with professional experiences. Our duty is to prepare accurate and complete auditing service for our clients to utilize their resources effectively and efficiently. We are committed to delivering exceptional services, total transparency, and punctuality. At Am Audit, we thrive to grow with our clients, ensuring practical and personalized service.


Scope of Services

  1. Test and set up an internal control system for actual implementation.
  2. Provide accounting service and tax planning.
  3. Provide auditing service in compliance with the Ministry of Commerce standards and special-purpose audit.
  4. Establish an inventory system and management.
  5. Contribute consultancy and examine accounting entries made by the customers on a monthly/annual basis.
  6. Assign various levels of accountants for special-purpose services over the period as required by the customers.
  7. Prepare, change, correct business documents at the Ministry of Commerce, Revenue Department, Ministry of Labor and Immigration Office.