1. Auditing services in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Commerce and special audit

    Service Type

    1. Annual auditing as specified by the Ministry of Commerce.

    2. Auditing according to customer needs, such as fraud auditing and error inspection 

    3. Audit the accounting records in the accounting system of client’s software package. 

    4. Audit the accounting records to check any irregularity. 


    Find errors from irregular activities or fraud and prevent them from occurring in the future.

    Suitable for all types of businesses, annual inspection, businesses that need to investigate fraud or shareholders who want to check the operation of management. 

  2. Delivering accounting staff at different levels specifically according to the period that the customer wants

    Working Procedure

    Deliver accounting staffs to customer locations in which the customer determines the duration and the expert level of the accounting officer.


    No need to hire full-time employees or help connect existing jobs while the company is waiting for the new accountant. 

    Suitable for businesses whose former accountants resign and is in the period of hiring a new accounting staff or businesses that have accumulated work while having to do daily work or an entity that has changed accounting software and install the new program