Manufacturing and Production Audit Service

Currently, changes from the Revenue Department regarding law and regulations, tax requirements, and advances in technology have intensified the competition in the manufacturing industry. This leads to many factors to be considered when a company assessing opportunities and reducing all unnecessary risks, while also having to do business on a daily basis.

This is where AM Audit Group can help you. Our “Manufacturing Auditors Team” keeps track of important regulations that may affect your business. With a full range of services, including financial statements auditing, tax planning, and many more. We help our customers build and maintain agile organizations to meet the market's ever-changing needs.

We provide services to organizations that are privately owned and organizations of multinational companies. Our customers are spread across sectors such as automotive, plastics, food and beverage, machinery, and equipment.


A Partial of AM Audit Group Manufacturing and Production Customers 

  • Automotive filter factory, air filter, sanitary mask, Rayong

  • Water pump manufacturing plant, Stainless steel casting factory to be exported to Japan, Ayutthaya.

  • Machinery import agent from China and Taiwan, Bangkok

  • Rice bag manufacturer, retailer, and exporter, Samut Prakan

  • Bag manufacturer and wholesale factory, Nakhon Ratchasima

  • Metal Plating Plant, texture improvement,  Anodizing Aluminum, Chonburi

  • Cloth weaving and dyeing factory, Bangkok

  • Factory manufacturing sports apparel for export, Bangkok

  • Automotive rubber hose, industrial rubber hose, Hydraulic rubber hose, Rubber used in manufacturing, Bangkok, Rayong

Problems commonly encountered in industrial and production audit

Accounting for industrial businesses, factories, or manufacturers of finished products are unique and different from other industries. One obvious key difference is raw material. The audit team should have direct experience in order to understand and recommend correctly. The problems that our team frequently encounter are

  • The recorded inventory does not match the physical one

  • Inventory amortization

  • Inventory awaiting to be destroyed are not separated from the main product

  • Unit cost calculation

  • Incorrect raw material recording

  • Cost management

Our team can help you

AM Audit provides audit services both in Bangkok and Chonburi Province by our factory audit team directly. We are familiar with the problems regarding factory operations and able to audit direct raw material accounts, direct labor, production costs, check the cost recording, and accounting of raw materials, etc.

  • Accounting for wages

  • Accounting of production costs

  • Production cost account charged to work in process

  • Work in progress account

  • Finished product account

  • Accounting of manufactured and cost of goods sold

A report of our audit will be provided to give you an accurate overview of your manufacturing business.

Since Chonburi Province is a large industrial province of the country, there are many industrial factories in 2020. AM Audit Group has opened a third branch in Sriracha District, Chonburi Province to provide audit services and increase convenience for customers


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