AM Audit Group offers comprehensive services for a wide range of business needs. We can help business work smarter and achieve their goals by coordinating and supporting all accounting for the management of organization and personnel in the company

For AM Audit Group, Success is about value and trust

As a professional service provider for over 25 years, success is about value and trust. From customers to people, strategies, systems, and business consultants. Whether a large or small company, public or private sector, we believe in helping entrepreneurs create strong and sustainable competitive advantages in today's volatile business world.

  1. Auditing Service according to the standards of the Ministry of Commerce and special audit

    Such as inspections as agreed upon, checking and analyzing the business status according to Ministry of Commerce auditing standards, Including quality control at the level to ensure accuracy and can be used to make informed decisions for the business

  2. Delivering accounting staff at different levels specifically according to the period that the customer wants

    Such as recognition of income and expenses, financial statement preparation, and disclosure. A variety of business practice problems that are unique and need personalize in the bookkeeping and financial statements to be prepared by the expert accounting staff whose proficiency in different level

  3. Accounting and Tax Planning Service

    Filing company accountant registration according to the regulations and law. As well as consolidate and review the accuracy and completeness of accounting documents, Create income accounts Expense Accounts, correct accounting entries and false tax remittances, correct tax submissions and financial statements, and efficient tax planning in a company-specific manner in each industry.

  4. Providing consulting and auditing for monthly and yearly recorded account

    Summarize and analyze results, Including finding solutions to problems that are specific to the company in each industry to ensure accuracy and can be used for reference for decision making

  5. Establish and organize the inventory system

    Control and plan to maintain the inventory level in the appropriate quantity, increase warehouse management efficiency In terms of goods receipt, issue, adjustment, line quantity, and priority.

  6. Testing and planning of internal control systems

    Increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations. And reliability of financial reports to prevents or reduces errors, damage, leaks, wastage, or fraud in an organization. By testing and implementing a system of internal control that can actually be used. Focus on the use of organizational resources in their operations. Efficiently comply with all laws and regulations accurately and completely

  7. Business document modification service with the Ministry of Commerce, Revenue Department Ministry of Labour, and the immigration office 

    Formalities Business documents for the Ministry of Commerce, the Revenue Department, the Ministry of Labor, and the Immigration Bureau

  8. Real estate consultancy service

    Providing consultation of real estate project development guidelines for project developers, investors, companies, stores or organizations such as land allocation, housing development Building condominium, commercial building for sale, building, dormitory, apartment for rent or long term rental