Fraud Investigation 

There are a number of reasons why a company decides to do a fraud investigation. Especially in large organizations, you want reassurance that your business is running as smoothly as possible without misappropriation or fraud hiding in the organization. Moreover, there might be suspicion of hidden assets that did not show up in the financial statements. Listed below are some examples of how you should consider having a full accounting fraud investigation be conducted.

  • You want to ensure that production and work processes go smoothly with no loss higher than acceptable standards
  • You suspect any misappropriation or fraud within the company
  • You want to make sure that internal controls are working effectively in preventing fraud
  • You want to investigate an allegation of bribery

Why choosing  AM Audit Group?

It is often when we find that management has become suspicious of corporate corruption. Where there is no evidence or allegation yet but going from doubt to discovering the truth is not easy. This requires experts with knowledge and experience in accounting, financial statement auditing and, investigation to be able to find information and evidence to inform correctly

We have dedicated professionals to assure you of our reliability and professionalism. AM Audit Group's Accounting Fraud Audit team combines accounting, auditing, and investigation to find, record, and screen information from all sources to ultimately derive truths.

From our experience in this field of work We have found a wide variety of fraudulent tools from various organizations such as

  • Human resource takes a part of an employee's overtime pay into their own account

  • The production department exaggerates the waste report

  • The accounting department records assets, goods, stock, raw materials, incompletely

  • The purchasing department accepts bribes from suppliers

Our team is therefore perfectly suited for this challenging task.

Whatever your goal is to investigate the allegations, proactively manage risks, or conducting a fraud investigation, AM Audit Group can help you avoid both financial and reputational damage caused by corporate fraud.


At AM Audit Group, we are the expertise

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