1. Accounting Service and Consultancy

    Entities could submit financial statements to relevant government departments on time and receive tax planning regularly to help manage expenses effectively and in compliance with the law. Suitable for businesses that do not have an in-house accountant or small to medium-sized businesses with total employees no more than 10 people.

    Management Types and Working Procedure

    1. Prepare a journal Ledger book and financial report According to accounting law and as specified by the Revenue Department 

    2. Record accounting transactions in accordance with accounting standards, with the latest accounting software program certified by the Revenue Department. 

    3. Prepare tax forms that must be submitted each month ready to submit to the Revenue Department. 

    4. Prepare financial statements every month to enable management to quickly plan taxes. 

    5. Prepare annual financial statements Including filling out the income tax form 50, Sor. Sor. 3 and submit.

  2. Providing consulting and auditing for monthly and yearly recorded account

    With expert advice specific to your business, it will increase your employees’ knowledge of tax accounting allowing monthly / yearly account closing to be done correctly.Reduce potential problems in the event of the company being inspected by the Revenue Department officials. Executives can use accounting information to plan and assist in making timely decisions. 

    Suitable for businesses that expand quickly and have more than 10 employees or accountants not yet able to close accounts by themselves.

    Management type and procedures

    1. Establish a basic system in accordance with tax laws and accounting principles. 5 

    2. To advise customers’ personnel so that they understand and can perform basic accounting tasks. 

    3. Organize document storage systems for easy searching and make the accounting records complete and accurate. 4. Check the accuracy of the account recording. 

    5. Make adjustments to the account recording. 

    6. Prepare monthly financial statements and details for various accounts 

    7. Check the calculation of tax form filling, including submitting the form to the Revenue Department

  3. Business document modification service with the Ministry of Commerce, Revenue Department Ministry of Labour, and the immigration office

    Ease the burden on the operators, both traveling time and expenses, as well as convenient and quick service. Suitable for all types of businesses.

    Management Types and Working Procedure

    1. Social security registration (register employers and employees).
    2. Registered company, partnership, group of persons, individual (commercial registration) 6
    3. Change company name, director, authorized director
    4. Move the location of the business establishment.
    5. Requesting a taxpayer identification number
    6. Enter the value-added tax system
    7. Add objectives, types of operations.
    8. Request a work permit
    9. Requesting a business visa